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[Video Training] The Anatomy Of A Great Homepage
Most business owners don’t get many leads or enquiries through their website. It just sits there and does nothing. They know they should improve their website, but usually get overwhelmed when they try to search online for help. Truth is, they really should start by nailing the fundamentals before they start doing anything fancy. Our friends over at KR2 Business Coaching have created a video training series to help you get more leads ...
How to get totally awesome, frequent blog posts done (even though you hate blogging)
I’ll be completely honest. I used to hate blogging. Even now, there is a small part of me that still dislikes it. Not so much writing the blog, but feeling forced to do something creative. I enjoy writing – it’s just that little bit of pressure you feel because everyone says you have to create great, regular content. All the experts keep going on about how you have to create great content, and they say ...
Four Elements Of A Great Business Website
We often get asked when we work on web design projects, what’s the main thing we should focus on for our homepage? It’s an important question, and as many of you know, most website visitors will only stay for a few seconds before they decide whether your site has what they want. While there are a million different things you could do, I would suggest nailing these four things to begin with: Have ...
Why You MUST Have An Email Opt-In Form On Your Website
Today we’re going to talk about why you MUST have an email opt-in form on your website. Seriously, it’s not even negotiable. What business wouldn’t love a list of names and emails about people who are likely to want to buy the products you sell? Seems crazy, but many businesses don’t bother with this, and they’re leaving so much money on the table. If you didn’t know – an email opt-in form is ...
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